Tretinoin, Retinol, and Retinyl Palmitate: The Key to Anti-Aging Success?

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  According to Dr. David E. Bank, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, researchers discovered the anti-aging properties of Retin-A, a prescription topical treatment containing a derivative of vitamin A, in 1985, when it was first used as an acne treatment. Patients reported decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and smoother Read more »

Cellulite: Probable Causes and Current Treatments


Photo source: According to a recent reader poll, 36% of respondees most dreamed of a cure for cellulite. And why not? Cellulite affects approximately 85-98% of women of all races. According to Dr. Leslie Baumann, it is caused by the irregular extrusion of adipose tissue (i.e., fat) into the reticular and papillary dermis Read more »

Focus on: Spider angiomas


  Spider angiomas, also called spider nevi, are common and benign tumors, usually bright red and small (1 mm), made of blood vessels. According to Dr. Mark Crowe, M.D., a spider angioma consists of a central arteriole with radiating thin-walled vessels; the entire lesion is usually 0.5-1 cm in diameter. Commonly found on the face, Read more »

Product Review: Wexler MMPi Skin Regeneration Serum


  Leave it to Patricia Wexler, the fashion-forward, world-famous Manhattan-based dermatologist, to put a phrase like “matrix metalloproteinase” on the map. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are collagen-degrading enzymes that play an important role in the aging picture. In a 1996 study by Fisher et al., it was found that UV exposure increase MMPs (and hence collagen Read more »

How do antioxidants work?


Ah, yes, the antioxidant. While nearly everyone has heard of them, few know how they actually work. But it’s relatively simple. Let’s get into some basic chemistry. Oxygen molecules are stable, or unreactive, when they have an even number of electrons. However, when oxygen molecules combine with other molecules, the oxygen can end up with Read more »

The New Antioxidant Powerhouse: CoffeeBerry Extract


CoffeeBerry extract is the new antioxidant in town. Derived from the coffee cherry of the Coffea arabica when it is still green and “sub-ripe”, CoffeeBerry Extract contains an extremely high concentration of polyphenols, particularly chlorogenic acid, which serve as potent antioxidants (Baumann). In fact, according to Allure magazine, CoffeeBerry Extract currently has the highest antioxidant Read more »

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Nicki Zevola is the founder and editor-in-chief of Named one of the top 30 beauty bloggers in the world by since 2009, Nicki has participated in campaigns with prestige brands such as Redken, Olay, Ken Paves, Rodan + Fields, NIA 24, Advanced Skin Technology, and many others. Nicki is also a medical student Read more »