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Commentary: What Causes Skin Aging?

According to Susan C. Taylor, board-certified dermatologist and author of Rx for Brown Skin, there are four basic mechanisms of skin aging: 1.) genetic factors; 2.) telomere shortening and chromosomal alterations; 3.) free radical generation (in excess of free radicals necessary for normal metabolism); 4.) UV light-induced skin damage. Each of these are discussed in […]

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Product Review: Remergent High Intensity DNA Repair SPF 30

Recently, a reader asked me to research and review Remergent High Intensity DNA Repair SPF 30 ($94.95, SkincareRx.com). The company’s “super concentrated” product claims to “protect your skin from the sun as well as help to regenerate your skin and heal the damage that has already been done.” But does the product live up to […]

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Spotlight On: Selenium

Selenium is a nonmetal that has been said to exhibit anticancer properties in numerous studies, including this 1997 study in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. However, do products containing selenium help the skin? Selenium as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient According to Dr. Jeannette Graf in Cheryl M. Burgess’ Cosmetic Dermatology textbook, “Selenium’s protective ability […]

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Is Mineral Oil Really Bad For Your Skin?

Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisturizer contains a high concentration of mineral oil. $4.99, Drugstore.com Visit your local drugstore, and you are bound to find a plethora of lotions with mineral oil as one of the main ingredients. Hailed for its emollient properties, but believed by many women to clog pores, is this inexpensive ingredient good or […]

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Spotlight On: Ascorbyl Glucoside (A Stable Form of Vitamin C)

In a since-revised October 28, 2007 blog post, I erroneously attacked the form of vitamin C known as ascorbyl glucoside, due to the fact that there was little established research on the ingredient. However, luckily for me, I was recently contacted by the North American Cosmetic Ingredient Sales and Technical Support Representative for Hayashibara International, […]

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Product Review: L’Oréal Revitalift UV with Mexoryl SX

Although you may not be thinking of sunscreen in the winter months, think again: damaging UV rays can bounce off of the opaque snow, right onto your face. Furthermore, about fifty percent of UV rays penetrate through car and home windows, contributing to the majority of cumulative sun damage year-round. With that said, you really […]

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Product Review: Neutrogena Anti Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream

  Neutrogena Anti Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream ($16.95, Amazon.com) claims to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals, crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles. Yet how effective do the ingredients indicate the eye cream really is in treating these signs of aging? What are the antioxidant sources in this product? Neutrogena Anti Oxidant Age Reverse Eye Cream […]

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Spotlight On: Soy Extract

Soy extract first became popular in skin care in 2004, when Johnson and Johnson purchased rights to the ingredient from the AMBI brand. Since that time, many companies have jumped on the soy extract bandwagon, adding the ingredient to their formulations. However, is the ingredient safe and effective? What are some benefits to using skin […]