How to Get Full Lips – 5 Easy Steps, No Injections Required


Maybe it’s the effect of Angelina Jolie.  Or maybe it’s biological, as anthropologists like Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D., believe.   At any rate, women have never sought full lips like they have now and for the past decade. So how to get the fuller lip effect?  Here, 5 steps to fuller lips: 1.)  Exfoliate. Although Read more »

Before You Get Too Excited about the New Skin Cancer Drugs: The Hidden Side of Vemurafenib and Ipilimumab


Yesterday, The New York Times posted an article about new drugs useful in the treatment of malignant skin cancer.  The drugs, vemurafenib and ipilimumab, produced dramatic results in the treatment of skin tumors. What The Studies Show Vermurafenib is produced by Genentech and Plexxikon Inc.  It inhibits cell growth by targeting the V600E mutation in the Read more »