Make Your I’s Stand Out: PIxI Summer Eye LIner RevIew

Somewhere in the past four years, I went from being an eyeliner and lipgloss girl to being an eyeliner-lipgloss-concealer-blush-eye shadow-lip-and-hair moisturizer kind-of girl.  (Whew!)  Whether you blame it on a love for beauty products, too many trips to Sephora, or being a beauty blogger, it’s definitely become a routine!

But as much as I love my products, every now and again, I miss that thrill that comes from being a beauty product virgin.  Call me crazy, but there’s nothing like that first time you go to a beauty counter bare-faced and see yourself in a completely different way afterwards.  (We are talking about beauty products here, don’t worry, this is a PG-blog!)

With that said, occasionally there are extra products, like the new pixi Summer Eye Opener ($16.00, designed to make a difference for even the most jaded beauty fanatic.  The legendary Paul Starr, former makeup artist to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner, once suggested in Harper’s Bazaar to line the inside of the lids with a white eye pencil to create a “doe-eyed, seductive look.” However, the color of pixi Summer Eye Opener is a subtle peachy nude, not stark white, which helps to make the effect more subtle.

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 10.36.48 PM

The liner itself is rather creamy and smooth, and glides across the skin for a bit of a thick, easy application.  The secret here is its very high concentration of both silicones as well as olive oil esters.  In cosmetics, olive oil is often used due to its high content of squalene, which is a natural fat and moisturizer produced in the skin that improves texture.

Cautious skin care fans would also be happy to know pixi Summer Eye Opener is safe for sensitive eyes, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens.

Bottom line:  Do you need pixi Summer Eye Opener?  No.  But if you’re a beauty junkie who needs that little extra somethin’ somethin’ to boost her routine, this is definitely different, but significant enough to make an impact.


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