Follow Friday: The Best of the Beauty Blogs & Sites This Week

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    I've fallen in love...with New York, that is.  I went for a weekend, and I feel like I left part of myself there.  Every time I go, it becomes harder to leave.  The sheer number of places to go is absolutely thrilling for me.  But what really gets me is the general attitude of the…
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    It's that time again: I review the best of the beauty blogs of the past two weeks, so you don't have to. ;-)  Here goes: Beauty Junkie in S.F. reviews Clean and Clear new Soft In-Shower Facial ($13.07 for two,  The facial contains the potent AHA glycolic acid in fair concentration, plus green tea…
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    It's Friday!  And, for many, a three-day weekend.  Something to celebrate!  I hope many of you spend it enjoying quality time with friends and family, kicking back and relaxing.  And to take it a step further - I hope you keep a journal or take lots of photos of it.  I'm 27 now, and when…

by Nicki Zevola

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