Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads + Lactobionic Acid Review: A Haute New Find!

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Sometimes in life you get lucky and encounter a real game-changer.  You know it when you see it:  I first saw my boyfriend when I was an undergraduate in the Physics/Astronomy department (he was a graduate student), and even though I wasn’t to talk to him until we were set up on a blind date Read more »

Daily Inspiration: "Realize every moment in your life happened for the greater good of who you are, [that] can really elevate you and change your whole trajectory." -Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry, originally uploaded by mleadon. So many people start out at age 22 or 23, fresh out of college, with stars in their eyes and an eager desire to make their mark on the world.  Yet it doesn’t take long for plans to backfire and obstacles to get in the way, except for the Read more »