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Lancôme Visionnaire LR 2412 4% Serum Review

Lancôme Visionnaire LR 2412 ($66.99, is the latest in anti-aging products from the French powerhouse.  The secret is LR 2412, Lancôme claims “propels through skin layers” to trigger “a cascading series of micro-transformations.”  If that doesn’t sound impressive, what does?  Unfortunately, as per usual, the reality is not as beautiful as the marketing: LR 2412 […]

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When a Vitamin C Moisturizer Turns Brown, Is It Bad for Your Skin?

Submitted via the Facebook page: Would you continue to use your Vitamin C serum if it has turned brown? Skinceuticals says it’s still okay to use it on the package, but if the serum has oxidized, how can it work as an antioxidant? Might it actually be harmful? -Nanci Dear Nanci, At best, using […]