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I saw this on leadership expert John C. Maxwell’s Facebook page this morning, and I was immediately entranced. How powerful is this? I think we all have moments when we feel as though we are waiting for our “real life” to start. Barbara Bush sums it up best: “I often thought of my life as Read more »

Lumene Vitamin C+Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops Review, Ingredients

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At first glance, Lumene Vitamin C+Age Defying Radiant Beauty Drops ($14.95) seem to have it all:  approximately 10-15% vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid;  very stable, air-tight, light-free packaging; and enough silicones to keep fine lines 20-30% reduced all day long.  When you further consider vitamin C has been proven to do everything from stimulate collagen production Read more »

What is the Best Eyelash Growth Serum?

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I’m interested in a post about all the eyelash serums out now especially the over the counter ones like Revitalash, Rapid Lash etc. Are they safe? What’s the difference between them? -Marcia Dear Marcia, Eyelash growth serums generally contain either a prostaglandin derivative, like prescription Latisse, or over-the-counter Revitalash; peptides, like Jan Marini Growth Serum; Read more »