Follow Friday: The Best of the Beauty+Style+Nutrition+Fitness Blogs, Week of September 23

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Everybody loves a Friday.  I’m a big fan because it gives a chance to slow down a little and reflect on the week:  what went right, how to improve, you know the drill. Another great thing about Friday?  I love scoping out the best of the other blogs, too ;-).  So, without further adieu, here Read more »

Free Daily Giveaway #7: What Nutrition+Fitness Items Would You Like to See Reviewed?

Reviews, Skin Care

As you know, is expanding into other topics besides Beauty+Skin Care, including Nutrition+Fitness.So I want to know: What nutrition+fitness items would you like to see reviewed?  They can be diets, supplements, food or beverage items, even exercise plans or classes! The winner of today’s sponsored giveaway will receive a free twin-pack of Mederma: Patented Read more »