Hydroxy Acids Part I: What are Hydroxy Acids?

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About the author:  FutureDerm.com is proud to introduce John Su on our staff as a Contributing Writer.  John is an established skin care expert and aspiring dermatologist.   He also runs a blog, The Triple Helix Liaison, dedicated to providing unbiased, meaningful, and insightful information about skin care. For his full bio, please visit our Read more »

The Ugly Truth about Makeup and Moisturizers with SPF!

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Everyday, we make the conscious choice to trust all kinds of people, places, and things. We trust our best friend with our deepest, darkest secrets. We don’t second-guess that our bus or car or plane will get us to our destination safely. But when it comes to our beauty products, one time we should be Read more »

How Do You Use CoffeeBerry with Other Antioxidants?

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Dear Nicki, I’m a new fan of your blog! I came across it in my searches for reviews and insight on coffee berry. I’ve read many favorable reviews for Skinceuticals CE Ferulic [and other antioxidant treatments], can (and how) would you use that along with Revaleskin products with Coffee Berry? -Melissa   CoffeeBerry Extract, found Read more »