Algenist Ultra Lightweight SPF 50 Review

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Last year, Algenist made headlines when they premiered a new antioxidant, alguronic acid, onto the skin care market.  A onetime Sephora exclusive, Algenist quickly established their brand in the anti-aging sector.  Now, for Summer 2012, the company is premiering their Algenist Ultra Lightweight SPF 50 ($38.00, Company Claims According to Algenist, the product is Read more »

What are the Best Pro Hair Care Tips?

Hair Care, Q&A

Photo source:  Maite Perroni Hair Style, a photo by Jean Nieves on Flickr. About the author: is proud to introduce Dr. Hanan Taha, M.D., on our staff as a Contributing Writer. Dr. Taha received her MD from Kuwait University in 2002, and a master’s degree in Dermatology from the University of Alexandria in 2010.  Read more »