David Yurman Essence Collection Fragrance Review

High end jewelry designer David Yurman is perhaps known for his extensive collection of distinctive men’s and woman’s jewelry.  In the past few years, he has extended his line to include an impressive bridal collection, unique gift items, and eyewear.  But it is his latest endeavor- a perfume collection – that has caught our eye here at FutureDerm. His entire line can be shopped online at David Yurman.com and Amazon.com, as well as select retail stores.

About the Essence Collection

David Yurman The Essence CollectionThe Essence Collection includes four evocative scents, each echoing the artistry of David Yurman’s signature fine jewelry and the emotions associated with his favorite gemstones – lustrous pink tourmaline, vivid peridot, glistening citrine and sensuous amethyst. Each Essence is identified with a personal touch from Sybil Yurman—a fluid brushstroke of paint mirroring the gemstone-inspired color.

The collection was designed with layering of fragrances in mind.

“Like a piece of fine jewelry, it may be worn alone or combined with scents from the David Yurman Essence Collection to achieve a complex, artfully layered fragrance effect.”- David Yurman

David Yurman Summer Essence Review:

3.4 fl. Oz. Eau De Toilette Spray

$85.00 retail price

As with the other bottles in the collection, the design is simple and elegant, with clean lines reminiscent of his jewelry collection. I personally am drawn to anything having to do with amethyst or the color purple, so he had me at hello on this, add to that the beautiful Giselle Bundchen is David’s model for most of his line and I begin to dream that perhaps spritzing on this ultra feminine scent I will end up as beautiful as she is… we all have dreams, right?

I digress… back to the fragrance itself:

This amethyst hued perfume is ultra feminine, light, airy and sensuous. No androgyny here, you will not find your husband, boyfriend, or male significant other reaching to share this scent with you. This one is all about the ladies! This scent is so evocative of its namesake Summer Essence that for me it conjures up thoughts of a cloudless blue summer sky. Driving just to drive, inhaling deeply as you pass fields of wildflowers and stopping by a farm stand to pick up peaches, literally bursting with sweet juice.  The initial scent upon first spray is clearly of Hyacinth which is one of the top mid notes in the perfume. It finishes with an earthy note which is from the bottom note of sandalwood.

The Notes:

Top: Refreshing nashi pear, apple blossom, luscious peach nectar.

Mid: White muguet, sumptuous hyacinth, deftly wrapped orchid.

Bottom: Sensuous amber crystals, white musk, rich sandalwood.

Most prevalent top note:

Nashi pear: an asian pear variety, crisp and delicate in flavor.

The mid note has most prevalent white muguet, a flower in the same family as lily of the valley.

Most prevalent in the finish or bottom of the fragrance is the essential oil sandalwood, providing the earthy woody and sweet notes. Sandalwood oil is said to be warming and relaxing.

The scent does not linger very long at all; within three hours it was barely detectable- but I couldn’t help but sniff my skin during those three hours, this scent is truly delicious. I wore it to my son’s soccer game in the hot sun and think it would be appropriate for most activities from day to night in the office and out on the town.  I wish there was a body lotion to in the same scent to help it last longer, but as I said in my previous review you can first apply unscented body lotion or a scant amount of Vaseline to your pulse points before applying to help make the scent linger longer. I would definitely purchase this perfume if you want people to ask what you are wearing… because they will. I think it would also be fun to layer the other scents in the collection as the designer intended, making your own signature scent.

Other Scents in the Collection:

All 3.4 fl. Oz. Eau De Toilette sprays retailing at $85.00

Delicate Essence (inspired by Tourmaline): Romantic and feminine, with notes of pink pepper, lotus blossom, and sparkling orange.

Fresh Essence: (inspired by Peridot): Crisp and playful, with notes of sparkling apple, cassis, juicy red fruits and fresh greens.

Exotic Essence: (inspired by Citrine) : Mysterious and sensual, with notes of sparkling mandarin, casablance lily, rose petals and exotic woods

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