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The Best Things in Life Are Free

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The winners of the all you magazine and FutureDerm.com 7 sets of Salon Perfect eyelashes giveaway are:

  • Crystal
  • Wanda Jordan
  • Lanette
  • Priscilla P
  • Lynn

The winners of our Eucerin US and FutureDerm Eucerin Daily Skin Protection lotion giveaway (2 bottles each!) are:

  • Maria Carmela Renna
  • Roberta Wade
  • Jacca Anderson
  • Mari
  • Jen

The winner of our $100 Sephora gift card was Wendy T.

Thank you to everyone else who entered!  Also, we still have a $300 VISA Gift Card Giveaway going on until July 4, 2012!  :-)  TWO entrants will win!

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Fragrance Review: philosophy Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is one of 4 new fragrances for Summer 2012 from philosophy.

About the author:  FutureDerm.com proudly welcomes Cheryl Johnson to our staff as our weekly Contributing Fragrance Expert.  For more, please visit our About page.

As I read the name of this second perfume – Unconditional Love ($42.00, Amazon.com) -  in the series of 4 from Philosophy; distinct, clear mental images came to mind for me. They were all of moments from my boys’ young lives. Moments when my knee jerk reaction could have been one of anger or frustration but because of my unconditional love for them, I laughed or shrugged it off, or reacted in a much less harsh way than I would have if anyone else had done what they did.

Soulful, loving, and warm: Unconditional Love reminds Cheryl of the love she has for her children.

I will give you an example: When my youngest son was about 3 he got into the arts and crafts box and when I came upstairs from doing laundry the entire living room was covered in various types of glitter. I mean to say it was everywhere- walked into the carpet- the couch and loveseat and to make the walls “pretty for mommy” he used glue to stick it to the walls! I looked around, started to feel my pulse go crazy, the heat of anger flushing me; burning my ears- my fists slowly clenching and then I looked down to see my baby boy smiling up at me, with pride- yes pride! He truly thought he had done something nice for me. I could have blown up, sky high as a matter of fact- because it took about a year before I stopped seeing the remnants of the glitter incident everywhere- but instead- I let the unconditional love I felt for my sweet boy take over and rather than yelling or snatching him up, I knelt down and kissed his little face and in an instant my anger was so diminished I was able to talk to him about the incident rather than yell and he helped me clean it up.

There is the unconditional love you learn to have for your parents as they age, the romantic unconditional love- what you have for your husband, wife or significant other. Again though, for me when I hear the words Unconditional Love, my brain immediately goes to the love I feel for my children.

How It Wears

philosophy Unconditional Love is formulated to be reminiscent of lots of touching emotions.

Upon initial spray, Unconditional Love comes across fruity and musky but it changes as it wears blending with your natural scent. It’s a super sweet, wearable fragrance. The muskiness wears off quickly and fruitiness is really discernible throughout the wear of this fragrance, from initial spray to the end of the time I could detect the scent which was about 4 hours.

After an hour or so, the black raspberry really starts to come through.

It has an innocent sweetness to it, feminine- almost cotton candy like to start but then after an hour or so when I inhaled the perfume from my wrists, the top note of the black raspberry comes through.

In the mid range of this great summer scent is white lily. The Madonna lily, a flower from the same family, is often seen with photos of Virgin Mary and is said to symbolize purity, not coincidence that Philosophy chose this for a fragrance named Unconditional Love, right? There is complete purity in unconditional love and the clean pure fragrance of the white lily comes through in the scent.

There is complete purity in unconditional love – so is it of surprise to anyone that the Madonna Lily is the mid-note?

The finish or bottom note is that of cashmere vanilla- Vanilla is Native to Mexico and South America. It is cultivated mainly in Madagascar. The major exporting countries are Madagascar, Indonesia, the Comoros, Reunion, Mexico, and Tahiti. Vanilla CO2 extract is one of the most expensive products used in aromatherapy today. I recently needed a vanilla bean for baking and nearly fell over at the price of three whole vanilla beans in a jar, but then I learned that all vanilla is produced by hand pollination and coming all the way from say Madagascar- I suppose the price is in line with the expense of producing, harvesting and exporting. Mixed with cashmere the vanilla scent comes across with less woodiness, more soft and powdery- again innocent and sweet. Vanilla is said to be calming, comforting and balancing.  It’s a great finish for a perfume that can be worn day into night and is appropriate for mostly casual events. I think the overall fruitiness makes this scent one that seems most appropriate for summer to my nose though it is not marketed as a summer scent and could definitely be a pick me up when worn in the cold dreariness of winter.

TIP:  For chill seekers: for a longer lasting cool down, store fragrance bottles in your fridge and apply small amounts to the wrists, neck and back of the knees.


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