Spotlight On: L-Ascorbic Acid


About the author:  John Su is an established skin care expert and aspiring dermatologist.   He also runs a blog, The Triple Helix Liaison, dedicated to providing unbiased, meaningful, and insightful information about skin care. For his full bio, please visit our About page. I’ve been on such a kick talking about tretinoin recently, that Read more »

Product Review: Naturopathica Oat Polish

Skin Care

The natural trend is in right now and that means companies like Naturopathica, who strive to take the synthetics out of beauty, are in the spotlight. These products boast that they only use proven natural ingredients and a look at what’s in Naturopathica Oat Facial Polish ($52 for 5 oz.,; $51, show that Read more »

Product Review: Brazilian Peel Clear Acne Peel Kit

Skin Care

The Brazilian Peel Clear for Acne ($45.00, is designed to clear and prevent acne.  According to in-house research from AdvancedHomeActives, participants reported the following results: 91% reported less oily skin; 90% reduction in acne blemishes; 89% clearer skin; 83% more confident; 83% smooth and soft skin Here’s the lowdown: 25% Glycolic Acid Very few products Read more »