What Do the Vertical Lines on My Nails Mean?

Close up shot of dirty nail cutter  image.

by Leah Argento What does it mean when fingernails develop vertical ridges (vertical lines on nails), and is it cause for concern? Onychorrhexis (listen here for pronounciation) n: longitudinal ridging Since I suffer from Onychorrhexis, I thought that I’d take an opportunity to investigate and write about where my fingernails ridges came from and what, if Read more »

Product Review: Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30

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by Natalie K. Bell, Editor I’m pale. I’m not the palest person I know, but I’m pale enough that during spring break, my friends took an active involvement in keeping me out of the sun. For everyday protection, I’ve used Eucerin Daily Protection ($10.48, Amazon) with SPF 30 on my face for the past few Read more »