Futurederm's Ultimate Peter Thomas Roth Guide: What to Buy, What to Pass By

Skin Care

Peter Thomas Roth is admittedly one of my favorite brands:  The ingredients are often highly concentrated, the delivery systems unique, and the formulations exquisite. But over the past few years, as the company’s chemists changed, their concoctions became a bit more trendy.  So while I still like the brand very much overall, there are a Read more »

Product Review: Kaplan MD Lip 20 Treatment

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Kaplan Lip 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF (official site KaplanMD.com; $30.00, Amazon.com) may quickly become a new favorite, with just about everything I look for in a lipstick.  For more, read on:   Color/Pigmentation: Sheer or Shiny, Not Highly Pigmented (2/5) Kaplan Lip 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF comes in two distinct formulas:  sheer and Read more »

Why You Absolutely Need to Wear a Hair Sunscreen – or a Sunhat

Hair Care

You’ve seen the commercials, advertising the key to beautiful hair:  a healthy scalp.  Yet the right shampoo and conditioner is not enough.  The true culprit of many scalp issues is, in fact, the sun.  Here, a Q&A guide to your best scalp care: How much should I take care of my scalp and hair in Read more »

What Can Be Done for Aging Hands?: All about Hand Tissue Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid


When it comes to guessing age, we tend to concentrate on the face, but the reality is, hands give us away as well! Over time, skin loses volume and elasticity.  Skin thins out so vessels and bones are more evident, develops discolorations and wrinkles, and that is not just limited to the face. Of course Read more »