Product Review: Strivectin Power Serum for Wrinkles

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I received a request recently to review Strivectin Power Serum for Wrinkles ($93.99,, and I must admit that I was a little reluctant to do so.  I love their StriVectin SD Neck Cream, but then I the-opposite-of-loved their StriVectin SD Original Formula.  So, again…reluctance. And then I looked at the ingredients in Strivectin Power Read more »

Supersize Me… At Sephora!

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We all love bargain buys, especially when looking at department store products. Here are three excellent jumbo-sized options that I’d recommend. Philosophy Mouthwatering Watermelon Shower Gel ($25 for 32 oz; usually $16 for 16 oz) For me and I’d imagine for most people, the only reason for spending the extra money on shower gel—something that Read more »

Product Review: Kinesys Earth Kind Sunscreen Ointment

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Kinesys Earth Kind Sunscreen Ointment ($22.77, is a sunscreen made by a company devoted to environmental sustainability. Kinesys works to make ethically responsible products in recycled packaging and boast no carbon footprint. Their Earth Kind sunscreen ointment is a 100% mineral sunscreen that’s intended to be water-resistant and hypoallergenic. By using the power of Read more »

Follow Friday+Nicki’s Personal Updates: Launching Retinol Soon — Week of August 03, 2012

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We’re launching our skin care product on August 16.  As a result, I’ve been talking to a lot of business advisors and mentors about it. In the start-up realm, it’s still majorly male-dominated, so most of the people I’ve been talking to are males.  And it’s funny – no matter how much research I present, Read more »