Product Review: Goody ThickFix Boar and Nylon Bristle Round

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Once upon a time, I would have traded my naturally curly hair in for long, straight locks. Back then, I hadn’t quite figured out how to make the most of my natural tresses and so I sought out anything to make my hair straight. There were many incidences with methods that didn’t quite work out, Read more »

Product Review: Age Advantage Wrinkle Reduction Creme

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Recently, a gentleman from a company e-mailed me.  He said his name was Andrew, and he worked for a company called Age Advantage.  He sent info and photos about his products, and offered a sample. Being a blogger, I’m very fortunate to get e-mails like this all the time.  But what set Andrew apart was Read more »

Is SD Alcohol Harmful for the Skin?

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Submitted via private message on the Facebook page: Hello, could you please give some information how denatured alcohol can be harmful for skin?  From the beautypedia site, I gathered alcohol does more harm to skin than good. -B.S. Dear B.S., I have a lot of respect for Paula Begoun.  Her consumer advocacy has opened doors for a Read more »

Spotlight On: Acetamide MEA


Acetamide MEA is a common additive in hair products. Questions about whether it’s toxic or carcinogenic have been thrown around the Internet. But before jumping to conclusions based on the fact that it’s on a list, it’s important to look at the studies and facts and understand whether or not it’s actually dangerous. What is Read more »