Product Review: Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System

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Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing system ($119-225, is designed to provide a consistent clean. That’s because part of maintaining skin integrity is maintaining some kind of routine — Clarisonic regulates that by making something timed with specific instructions. The brushes should loosen dirt from pores and even help clean off makeup better than a regular Read more »

Do Isolaz Lasers Really Work?

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Typically, those with cystic acne are out of luck when it comes to trying new treatments.  From LED light to new ingredients, most treatments are designed for mild to moderate acne.  Based upon our analysis, as you will read below, Isolaz lasers are an efficacious treatment best reserved for those without sensitive skin or rosacea.  They Read more »

Follow Friday + Nicki's Personal Updates: Week of August 10, 2012

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The first six bottles of FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 ever produced! I’m so excited! It’s funny:  When I read books on dermatology, there is often so much information about retinoids.  And now that I’m devoting myself to inventing novel beauty products full-time (for at least a year, hopefully longer!), my life is again all about Read more »

Spotlight On: Phenoxyethanol


Spotlight On: Phenoxyethanol Recently, a reader asked if phenoxyethanol was the same as ethanol. They are in fact, two distinct molecules. However, they do have some overlapping characteristics and uses. Since I covered ethanol quite extensively HERE, this post will focus primarily on phenoxyethanol. What is phenoxyethanol? Phenoxyethanol (PE) is an ethylene glycol ether (basically Read more »