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ModiFace Makeup App Review

ModiFace Makeup App (Android, iPhone) allows you to use photos to put makeup on a picture of a model or of yourself. The colors are based on real swatches and products and you have the option of buying them. Though it’s not the most practical tool, it’s a fun way to spend time. The Models […]

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What are the Best Creams for Sun-Damaged Skin?

Submitted via the Facebook page via private message: Hi I was wondering if you could recommend a good cream to help reverse/repair sun damaged skin? Thanks in advance! -Elizabeth H. Dear Elizabeth, Sun-damaged skin is no illusion.  After years of sun damage, the skin’s pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes, lose their ability to distribute pigment […]

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Spotlight On: D-Beta Fructan

D-Beta Fructan is a fructooligosaccharide that is said to boost skin immunity and help to build moisture. It’s a plant sugar that’s also supposed to help the skin take in vitamins and minerals (Return to Beautiful Skin). Fructans in general have been studied for their immune-helping and anti-inflammatory effects, though there aren’t studies on D-Beta […]

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Product Review: Naturally Fresh Deodorant

Ever since I read an article about people who don’t use deodorant and claim to not smell, I’ve wanted to try it. It’s just the sort of free and comfortable with yourself attitude that I strive to embody as much as possible. Except that it’s summer and as much as I’m all about self-acceptance, it’s […]