Product Review: Bosley Scalp Protection

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Your scalp is delicate and so is your hair. In fact, they’re two places your probably don’t think of very often unless there’s something wrong with them. It’s not until you have a painful burn on your part or you hair feels dry after a day in the sun that you realize you should have Read more »

Want to Postpone Peri-orbital Wrinkles? Make Sure your Sunglasses are Polarized!

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I don’t like to change my sunglasses every season to suite the new fashions.  In fact I only ever bought two pairs of sunglasses since my fourth year in college! The first were my beloved Yves St Laurent pair, and I had them for about nine years. When I lost them (so sad), it took Read more »

Spotlight On: Shea Butter

FutureDerm Shea Butter Prevents Trans Epidermal Water Loss

I’ve seen shea butter in an awful lot of products and for a long time, I took for granted that if so many people are using it, it must be tested and effective. Since Cleopatra, we’ve had histories that include shea butter for cosmetic usage (Shea Butter). Historically, travelers to Africa have written home about Read more »