Are Inorganic Sunscreens Better Than Organic Ones? Part IV: Level of Protection, and Practicality

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Since our post on toxicity last week was so tedious, I’ve decided to keep this one relatively short and sweet. Okay, it’s more that there aren’t too many conclusive articles specifically pertaining to these characteristics! ***In this series, I will refer to inorganic sunscreens as iOSs (not Apple, mind you) and organic sunscreens as OSs. Read more »

Spotlight On: Bakuchiol

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Bakuchiol — or Psoralea corylifolia— comes from the bakuchi seed and it comparable to resveratrol. Traditional medicine practioners in India and China have utilized the plants for centuries. It’s listed as a Category I ingredient, which means it’s generally considered safe (Cosmetics and Toiletries). [Read More: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Resveratrol and Read more »