Product Review: Naturopathica Glycolic Purifying Peel

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Naturopathica Glycolic Purifying Peel ($66, has ingredients that work for those with fine lines and acne. After they sent it over, I was excited to see what kind of effect it would have on my skin. I found that while it’s not likely a product that everyone can or will want to use, it’s Read more »

Curly Hair Conundrums: Brushing and Combing

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  Curly- and some wavy-haired people do not brush their hair the same way as everyone else. My friends with stick straight hair often try to talk to me about brushes as though these aren’t totally foreign objects to me. Once I realized my hair was curly, I got rid of my brushes and embraced Read more »

The “Ordinary” Mom’s Discovery That’s Making Botox Doctors Furious!

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We all come across these ads with wording that pretty much FORCE you to click on them to see what it is all about. I have been troubled with  such an ad on Facebook for days. Today, it said “2 cheap Botox secrets for women over 40 that are making Botox doctors furious.” A few Read more »