FutureDerm Giveaway: DHC Cleansing Oil


We’re giving away DHC Cleansing Oil! The oil, which gently cleanses away dirt and makeup, contains skin nourishing rich olive oil, rosemary oil, and vitamin E. Antioxidant rich olive oil has been shown to be anti-carcinogenic and have plenty of antioxidants (Carcinogenesis, Carcinogenesis). Rosemary’s antibacterial properties make it good for cleaning (particularly for those with Read more »

Product Review: Eraclea Restorative Hydrating Night Cream

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  Eraclea Restorative Hydrating Night Cream ($85, eraclearskincare.com) boasts a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients, as well as a patented form of hyaluronans, called the HylaSponge® System. When they sent it over to try, I was very excited to see what this skin-boosting formula could do in the night, which is when skin best absorbs ingredients. Read more »

Using the ring finger to apply eye cream: is it really the weakest finger?

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I think it was a few years ago when I started hearing the advice to always use your ring finger when applying eye cream or concealer, as it is the weakest finger, and therefore would not drag at the delicate skin around the eyes. Almost everyone follows that advice now, but what’s the science behind Read more »

Three Reasons Why Ethnic Skin Care is Unique

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Ethnic skin or skin of color is a growing area of interest in the dermatology and beauty industries because of its unique structure and function and the strong need to address those concerns of ethnic skin and commonly found disorders. Persons with ‘skin of color’ who fit within the Fitzpatrick scale of skin types IV-VI Read more »