How She Got the Look: Kerry Washington’s Makeup at the 2013 Oscars

Kerry Washington has always given us the sultry yet sophisticated look that people are fascinated by.  From her role in Django Unchained and her recent television show Scandal, Washington is dazzling us (as always).

Wearing a coral Miu Miu dress, Washington went for the au naturel look at this year’s Oscars. Her makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez, drew inspiration from Washington’s dress and created a “natural look with hints of color on the eyes and cheeks.”

How to Get Kerry Washington’s Flawless Face


Gonzalez started the look with foundation that helped create the perfect base. To get the look, she used Giorgio Armani Maestro #10 ($62.00, Starting at the center of the face, blend the foundation out towards the edges of your face, creating a full coverage base for flawless skin.


In order to brighten the skin and create a luminous glow, Gonzalez also used Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #11($62.95, It can be used in two different ways: blended with foundation to create an overall radiant base, or on top of foundation for highlighting and contouring. This would depend on the look you are trying to achieve.


To get a bright, refreshing color on the cheek, Gonzalez finished with Lancôme Blush Subtil in Shimmer Brilliant Berry ($25, The heavily pigmented color appears smooth and creates a soft finish.

How to Get Kerry Washington’s Bright Eyes


Washington’s eyes seemed to have a twinkle in them on Sunday. Gonzalez created this effect by using Lancôme Color Design 5-Pan Shadow and Liner Palette in Sienna Sultry ($49.00, This palette contains the perfect combination of shimmer and matte shadows — a matte beige, a pink shimmer, a matte taupe brown, a golden copper shimmer and a chocolate golden brown shimmer. These work to complement her dress while creating a spectacular yet simple look.


To get the dark eyelashes, Gonzalez used Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara ($24.49, This mascara has a dual-sided brush with both a round side and a flat side. This allows for the most definition and lengthening of your bottom and top eyelashes.

How to Get Kerry Washington’s Gorgeous Lips


To finish off the look, Gonzalez started off with Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 202 ($32.00,, which is a velvety lip stain.


Then, she used Lancôme Rouge in Love in Rose Boudoir ($26.00,, which is a 6-hour lip color, on top of the lip stain.

This layering effect can do a couple of things. The stain will help make the potency of the color last longer. Depending on how sheer the lip color is, the lip stain can help create a different color when combined. Finally, if the lip color wears off, the lip stain will stay intact to keep the color of your lips lasting.

Bottom Line

Fans and beauty aficionados will definitely covet Kerry Washington’s sultry yet natural makeup look she donned at the Oscars this year. Pops of color on her lips, cheeks and eyes created a fun and playful yet sophisticated look. This look is a classic that can help glam up any outfit.

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