Daily $10 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway: Tell Us about a Time When You Felt Your Most Beautiful

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*Editor’s Note: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Shira! Nicki’s Answer: “When my boyfriend looks at me. Cheesy but true.” Natalie’s Answer: “Recently I told a story onstage about my “ugly duckling” phase. I had on red lipstick — my go-to feel good makeup — and an outfit I loved. Hearing the Read more »

Comparing Yourself to Others is Inevitable But Doesn’t Have to Be a Downfall

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We’ve all looked at someone else and thought, “Why are they more successful/beautiful/intelligent/perfect than me?” Feelings of inadequacy bubble up and suddenly we’re beating ourselves up for not being as X, Y, Z as the person next to us. Often, comparing ourselves can be detrimental and result in a whole host of negative feelings. While Read more »