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Laura Mercier Lip Lacquer in Lacquer Red Review:

I have a secret. I am obsessed with my lips and lip products. I still remember the first lip gloss I owned. It was clear with a tint of blue and in a clear glass bottle. It smelled like bubble gum, yet had no flavor. The applicator consisted of a plastic ball and my fingers. […]

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Kissable Lavender & Aloe Infused Socks Review: A Cure for Tired Feet?

Spa socks can be a blessing to tired feet. Kissable Lavender & Aloe Infused Chenille Socks ($19.99 for two pairs, contain natural oils that are supposed to relax you and make your feet feel soft and kissable. On the upside, the socks are supremely comfortable, on the downside, the oils and scents won’t last […]

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Friday's $10 Sephora Giveaway Question: What Do You Keep Your Makeup in?

*Editor’s Note: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Alexandra Wells! Nicki’s Answer: “Free makeup bags that come as a gift with purchase.” Natalie’s Answer: “Currently, it’s strewn across the top of my vanity, but I just got an old globe to take apart and use as bowls.” Tell us what you keep […]


Your Self-Esteem Week Submissions!

Sometimes when talking about beauty, we forget how important it is that everyone feels worthwhile. Beauty is a wonderful and powerful thing, but confidence is what really counts. I spent years with bad self-esteem. For a long time, I held onto those moments where people had made disparaging comments or I’d decided that I simply […]


Mystical Poodle Eyeshadow Tutorial

Happy Friday! I’ve got a tutorial for you today with BFTE & Fyrinnae Cosmetics.  I based this look around BFTE Poodle Pandemonium, which is a pretty pink-purple shade. I threw in Pyromantic Erotica from Fyrinnae because I don’t often see it being used and I thought the colors would be fun with Poodle Pandemonium. How […]