Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
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Your Lips Need Sunscreen, Too!

One of my most vivid memories of summer vacation as a kid is of putting on Pre-Sun brand sunscreen at the beach. Granted, it was probably like SPF 4, since this would’ve been in the late 1970s, but at least my mom was trying. I remember the smell as well as the taste, which was, in […]

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner Black
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My Favorite Eyeliner (Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner)… Now in Our Shop!

If you haven’t tried tightlining your eyes before, give it a shot– it totally changed my approach to eye makeup. Done correctly, it looks like you have thick eyelashes and defined eyes, without an extremely obvious line. There’s a great tutorial here. My favorite product for this is Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner, which we […]

Tokyo Milk Satsuma Petite Parfum Solide
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The #1 Must-Have Beauty Product for Frequent Fliers

If you fly enough, one day you will be seated next to someone who reeks. I’m not talking about a wee bit of body odor. I’m talking “I’ve spent the last four months backpacking through Europe and I haven’t washed my clothes once or worn shoes other than these moldy Birkenstocks” odor. As someone who […]

Elemis Enzyme Papaya Peel
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Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Review

People with sensitive skin (like me) often have trouble with exfoliating products. Scrubs can be too harsh; acids can sting and burn. I’ve had good luck, however, with enzymatic peels, like Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel ($43). It’s so gentle, I’ve used it right before an evening out. In about 10 minutes, it delivers smooth, glowing […]

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tint in Plum
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Review of StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tint in Plum

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tine comes in two colors, plum and rose. I tried plum, which is a deep purplish burgundy. It feels like your average thick lip gloss (so pull back that hair if it’s a windy day), and is decently pigmented for a gloss. The main anti-aging ingredient here is myristyl nicotinate. […]

Lush Tender Is the Night and Close to You Massage Bars
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Lush Tender Is the Night and Close to You Massage Bars: A Great Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Particular Kinds of Nerds

All right, folks. This all boils down to a simple Venn diagram. If your significant other falls smack in the overlapping part (like I do!) read on. For Valentine’s Day, Lush has introduced two new massage bars. One is called Tender Is the Night (as in this book); the other, Close to You, is, according […]