AminoGenesis EYE Control Lid Lifting and Dark Circle Serum Review

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AminoGenesis Eye Control

As an Asian-American woman (I’m of Korean heritage), I can honestly tell you there are few things that make as much of a difference in my appearance as my eyelids. If I have had alcohol, too much salt, or been crying, my eyelids are inevitably puffy and swollen and it is not a good look. On Read more »

Product Review: Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Cream — An Oldie But a Goodie

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Peter Thomas Roth Powder K Eye Rescue for Dark Circles and Fine Lines FutureDerm Review

Dark circles are unfortunately a certainty for many of us. Which is why Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Cream ($127, FutureDerm/Shop) is one of my all-time favorites. The Science Behind It There are few things in this world I think are worth $100+ for 0.5 ounces — maybe rare gems, a couple of collector’s Read more »

Which Home Remedies on Pinterest Work and Which Do Not?: Coffee Grounds on Cellulite, Almonds and Honey for Wrinkles, and Mint Leaves for Dark Circles Reviewed

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Which Home Remedies on Pinterest Work and Which Do Not?

As I’ve discussed many times on FutureDerm, natural skin care isn’t always better. (Read more: Controversy – Why Natural Skin Care Isn’t Always Better on FutureDerm). Yet, as this trend continues to rise, it’s also taken with it the kitschy, fun, granola idea of making your own skin care at home. I sometimes go on Read more »

The Best Eye Creams

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Every Friday, we choose one question to answer in our new Friendly Friday feature.  We’re happy to hear from you!  Sign up for the fan page on Facebook and submit your question.  Each week, we’ll pick one lucky reader’s question, and try to address the rest as best we can! This week’s question: Dear Read more »