FutureDerm Layering SPF- Myth Busted
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Is It True There Is No Benefit to Layering SPF?

When we are in school, we are taught “1+1=2″. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works in Sunscreen Land. Keep the following rules in mind: 1.) With perfect application, an SPF 20 formula layered with an SPF 50 formula = SPF 50. With perfect application, sunscreens do not have an additive effect. Instead, think of sunscreens […]

FutureDerm Vitamin CE Eye Cream 10.0
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10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about FutureDerm Vitamin CE Eye Cream 10.0 – Answered!

One of my favorite parts about my job at FutureDerm is that I get to learn about the best ingredients in skin care, and when I’m lucky, I get to formulate products with them. That’s the case with our FutureDerm Vitamin CE Eye Cream 10.0 ($59, FutureDerm.com/Shop)–  the product contains an astounding 10% of stabilized L-ascorbic acid, […]

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Q&A with Esthetician Alana Mitchell, Owner of Skin Care by Alana about Her Personal Approach to Skin Care

Licensed Esthetician Alana Mitchell, owner of Spa Alana and founder of Skin Care by Alana, brings a personal approach to skin care. She strives to use her beauty expertise, accumulated working for over 15 years in the industry, to inform customers about which products really work and to help them figure out which products will work best […]

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Q&A with Dr. Andrew Nelson on What You Want to Know about Fractora

  Dr. Andrew Nelson is a board certified Dermatologist who has trained at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country.  He completed medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he graduated at the top of his class and was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha society.  He […]

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Q&A: Could I Be Allergic to the Soy in My Cosmetics?

  Q: I have been using a moisturizer with soy extracts and my eyes have been getting watery with swollen eyelids. Does soy extract affect the eyes?    First, stop using your eye cream. If you have any reaction to a product, you should stop use immediately. This sounds like this might be an allergic […]

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Q&A: Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt

  Dr. Rebecca Baxt began one of the first combination dermatology and plastic surgery practices, located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Dr. Baxt is particularly interested in treatment of acne and rosacea. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and had her residency at the New York University Medical Center. She currently has hospital privileges at […]

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Q&A with Dermatologist and Laser Expert Dr. Susan Stuart, M.D.

Susan Stuart, M.D. is a leading San Diego dermatologist who specializes in dermatological laser procedures and pediatric dermatology. Stuart has study at some of very prestigious dermatology programs around the country, including residency at Emory University and a postgraduate fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. She also founded and was previously been president of an […]

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Why "Men's" Skin Care is a Waste of Money

As it turns out, men’s skin is more different than you’d think. It’s about 25% thicker and tougher. This is because men have more androgens, which are male hormones, the most commonly know being testosterone. Androgens are the hormones that cause hair growth, deeper voice, and a tendency toward more aggressive behavior (The International Dermal […]

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How Should You Take Care of Your Skin in Winter?: An Interview with Dr. Glenn Kolansky, M.D.

Dr. Glenn Kolansky, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist located in New Jersey. He is a diplomat for the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Board of Medical Examiners. He’s a fellow for the American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society of Deratological Surgery, the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the […]