Removing Silicone Buildup in Hair
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The Best Products for Removing Silicone Buildup in Hair

Silicone buildup is actually a very simple problem to solve. Many hair products contain both silicones and quaternary ammonium compounds, which bond with hair to create a protective layer. Unfortunately, as we know, these ingredients can also create buildup in hair. For some people, products with these ingredients don’t give them buildup problems, but for those […]

Davines Moisturizing Anti Aging Daily Cream
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Does the Walnut Extract in Davines Momo Moisturizing Cream Protect Hair from Aging?

Can you stop your hair from aging? Not exactly, but you can mitigate some of the external factors that cause it to age faster. Davines Momo Moisturizing Anti Aging Daily Cream  with walnut extract promises to improve body, shine, and softness in dry and damaged hair. But it’s name promises anti-aging — is that possible? Yes […]

The Science Behind Blake Lively's Hair
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The Science Behind Blake Lively’s Hair

Blake Lively may be married to Ryan Reynolds, but it’s her hair that gets our attention here at FutureDerm.  Based on reports from Lively’s stylist, Jennifer Johnson, here are the products Lively uses to give her hair that gleam: 1.)  Kérastase Masquintense According to Johnson, “I use the Kérastase mask on Blake twice a week. Her hair […]

Living Proof Full Thickening Hair Care
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Why I Love Living Proof Full Thickening Hair Care

I often see pictures of Asian supermodels like Lily Zhi (shown above), or gorgeous women like Jane Seymour, and I’m envious.  Though I’m Asian and have waist-length hair, my hair is lifeless and limp when straight, and flat at the crown when curled – not the kind of hair that is going to launch any […]

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner
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9 Holy Grail Holiday Products Worth the Splurge

Hello, FutureDerm readers! We recently decided it would be a good idea to have more members of our team contribute to the site, so we can showcase opinions from women of different ages, skin types, ethnicities, etc. I’m Lesley, and I run marketing. I have been obsessed with skincare and beauty since junior high, which […]

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My Collaboration with Phyrra: Introducing Phyrra’s Pretty Little Hair Elixir!

I’ve honestly had the time of my life speaking to readers about their wants and creating them products, like our FutureDerm Complete Skin Care System. And then one day it hit me: What if I created a product for another blogger? She would have a readerbase with specific needs and wants of their own, and […]

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LUSH Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar Review: Why You Should Skip It

I’ve never been one to worry about shampoo. Since I have curly hair, it’s naturally a lot drier than my straight-haired friends’, so I stick to washing it once a week (and co-wash daily) for fear of stripping it of its hard-to-acheive moisture. I usually stand by the logic that if I’m only using it […]