Biggest Giveaway Ever: 300 Units of LashGenesis ($79 value!)

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I’m happy to be offering 300 free units of a sensational eyelash product, AminoGenesis LashGenesis ($79 value)! AminoGenesis LashGenesis is a physician-tested product that is designed to condition lashes. In the initial years of sale, many users have reported their lashes appear longer, thicker and fuller. AminoGenesis LashGenesis is prostaglandin- and drug-free, without harmful side effects for most users. This large Read more »

Ambi Fade Cream and 9 More Best Beauty Buys on Amazon

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Ambi Fade Cream is about $8 right now on Amazon. Though I’ve purchased or sampled nearly every sunspot treatment on the market, Ambi Fade Cream holds its ground with the $50 or $100 treatments, despite its price tag. It really all comes down to the ingredients, delivery system, and user’s skin type and concerns. While price sometimes means Read more »