Why Amino Acids are the Next Retinoids

Skin Care

I’ve been using AminoGenesis products for the past nine months, and their products have changed my skin for the better. What is An Amino Acid? Amino acids aren’t necessarily acids. Instead, they are compounds that can be acidic (aspartate, glutamate, asparagine, glutamine) and basic (histidine, lysine, arginine). Scientifically speaking, amino acids are organic compounds that  have three different Read more »

AACCP’s Asian-American Women Symposium at Chatham University

AACCP’s Asian-American Women Symposium

On Saturday, I was honored to speak at the AACCP’s Asian-American Women Symposium at Chatham University. When representatives at the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham University asked me to speak, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been chosen to speak at other conferences about business, entrepreneurship, and online marketing, but since I’d never spoken about race or Read more »