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Nutraceuticals & BORBA Product Review

Steamed Vegetable Buns Bento Originally uploaded by Jason + Amanda – allergyfriendlypastries.com You just gotta love your readers – yesterday, one of mine asked a very insightful question about nutraceuticals, and I was like, “Wow, I’ve never featured those on my blog!”  So today is the day.    (Thank you, Carla!) Nutraceuticals are simply nutritious […]

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Product Review: Borba Age-Defying Skin Balance Water vs. Glaceau Vitamin Water: xxx (Triple Antioxidants)

Americans’ concern about the nutritional value of what they eat is at an all-time high: about two-thirds of shoppers consider nutrition when they make a purchase, according to research from the Borba Age-Defying Skin Balance Water. But what value does drinking vitamin-enriched water have on the skin? And which to choose: Borba Age-Defying Skin Balance […]