Spotlight On: Phenoxyethanol


Spotlight On: Phenoxyethanol Recently, a reader asked if phenoxyethanol was the same as ethanol. They are in fact, two distinct molecules. However, they do have some overlapping characteristics and uses. Since I covered ethanol quite extensively HERE, this post will focus primarily on phenoxyethanol. What is phenoxyethanol? Phenoxyethanol (PE) is an ethylene glycol ether (basically Read more »

Is Ethanol in Skin Care Products Safe?

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About the author: is proud to introduce John Su on our staff as a Contributing Writer.  John is an established skin care expert and aspiring dermatologist.   He also runs a blog, The Triple Helix Liaison, dedicated to providing unbiased, meaningful, and insightful information about skin care. For his full bio, please visit our Read more »