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Contents tagged with matrix metalloproteinases

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    Ready for some scary facts about aging? Your skin starts aging even while it may look smooth and supple. Aging starts with the skin's building blocks. Collagen is the fibrous protein material found in your flesh and connective tissues (Molecular Cell Biology). It’s one of the proteins, in addition to elastin, that gives your skin its elasticity. After maturation — which happens surprisingly early (around age 21) — your collagen production decreases by about 10 percent (Cosmetic Dermatology). … Read More...

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    This is what happens when you're adopted into an Italian family! Si tratta di una buona vita! I'm Asian-American, but I was adopted when I was four months old into an Italian-American family.  Many of my favorite family recipes use fresh or canned tomatoes - from traditional marinara to our special stuffed shells, there is seldom a dish without tomato in our repertoire. It seems like tomatoes would be great for your skin - many fruits and vegetable extracts, like pomegranate, have mild … Read More...

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