Why I Started FutureDerm, by Nicki

Nicki Zevola, FutureDerm FounderI love FutureDerm because it connects science to real people to make their lives better. The FutureDerm blog started in 2007 when I was a pre-medical student working in laboratories in my university. I just couldn’t get over how much science there was behind the ingredients in beauty products. I also couldn’t believe how the relevant information I learned as a budding scientist as part of my medical education didn’t seem to be included when people made products. It was then I decided to do something about it.

On September 24, 2007, I started FutureDerm as a WordPress blog, and by 2011 we were voted the #1 beauty blog by SHAPE Magazine readers and received a quarter of a million views per month. I don’t want to brag, but it was glorious.

That same year, I was an active third-year medical student interested in dermatology. Based on everything I’d learned, I invented a unique sunscreen delivery system and won a business competition at my university with it. The next thing I knew, I was preparing FutureDerm products and sending them out to the market. (By the way, I’m still working on bringing that sunscreen delivery system to the market!)

Today, I like to say that our mission at FutureDerm is to make people well informed, beautiful, and happy. And I truly believe we do that. I’m passionate about being able to teach someone that an ingredient like 0.5% retinol can make skin look better, how to use it, and how it actually works in the skin. That kind of education and interaction is why I was studying to be a dermatologist in the first place.

Devoting myself full time to FutureDerm has resulted in a lot of people asking me whether I’m choosing medicine or business. Honestly, I answer that I’m in the business of helping people, whether that’s through my business or in medicine. I’m still enrolled in medical school on an extended leave of absence. I love FutureDerm, and I love that I’m able to learn incredibly interesting information about skin care, teach it to an engaged audience, and then use that information to create state-of-the-art products. And it’s my job!

Bottom line: I’m loving what I do, and I am here to help. I am probably the most transparent person on earth: I tell you what I know, research what I don’t, and cite references all over the place. I’d love to hear your thoughts on our products, site, brand, and what we’re doing.

Feel free to email me anytime: nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com. And check out our FAQ for more info.

With love,


P.S. You can find all the products I’ve been busy creating in our shop.

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7 thoughts on “Why I Started FutureDerm, by Nicki

  1. David says:

    Hello– This is a great intro about the people behind FutureDerm. I live in the northwest region of American and the winter and spring weather is harsh. There is not much easily accessible education about skin care for men here. The info on this website is outstanding.

  2. Hui YIng Chin says:

    Hi, you have a very interesting blog! Thanks for your great work reviewing and explaining the science behind beauty. Will you consider reviewing more leap bunny cruelty products such as the Avalon organics line and the very popular Asian line of Laneige water pack sleeping masks?

    I love
    avalon for their commitment to organics and cruelty products. And Laneige was recommended to me by my little sister in Singapore. They’ve all been working out really easy to absorb for my combination skin. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.


  3. Nicki Zevola says:

    @Dr. Gerstman – Thank you! I am glad that you enjoy the blog. If you would like to send over information for consulting or writing requests, please email me at nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com.

  4. Janet says:

    Hi, what led me to find FutureDerm was a search for a cruelty-free moisturizer with retinol… I saw your .5% retinol product on the Mybunny website. Then I found this website and Peter Thomas Roth products keep popping up. PTR is on Paula B.’s list of “brands that test on animals”. It made me wonder, if animal cruelty is important to you at FutureDerm, why are you promoting lines that still involve themselves with it on your website? Thanks!

  5. Nicki Zevola says:

    Hi @Janet —

    Yes, animal cruelty is important to us here at FutureDerm. We do not test our products on animals.

    All the best,

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