The #1 Must-Have Beauty Product for Frequent Fliers

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Tokyo Milk Satsuma Petite Parfum Solide

If you fly enough, one day you will be seated next to someone who reeks. I’m not talking about a wee bit of body odor. I’m talking “I’ve spent the last four months backpacking through Europe and I haven’t washed my clothes once or worn shoes other than these moldy Birkenstocks” odor. As someone who has flown a lot of miles, I can assure you that it’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.

That is where Tokyo Milk Satsuma Petite Parfum Solide comes in. It’s a tiny, cute tin full of solid perfume, and it will save your sanity when that unfortunate flight comes. It will function as a pomander.

Woman With a Pomander
Woman With a Pomander

Let’s Have a History Lesson

Let’s travel back in time to the Middle Ages. There’s no indoor plumbing. Bathing went bye-bye when the Roman Empire fell. In short, the entire world smells like your seatmate PLUS the airplane bathroom. (Or worse. You get the idea.) So what do you do, if you’re an aristocrat and MUST go out in public? You wear, and use, a pomander.

A pomander is a small container filled with a solid, perfumed substance. It was usually worn on a chain around one’s neck or waist, so it could be easily accessed when needed. Your carriage is traveling through the slums? Whip out your pomander and breathe deeply until you’re back in your slightly less stinky palace.

Now, Back to the Product

While this product doesn’t come with a handy chain, it will function the same way. Open it and take a deep whiff.  It will, at least temporarily, take the edge off the odors emanating from your seatmate.

I like Tokyo Milk Satsuma Petit Parfum Solide because has a lovely, honey/citrus scent. And, as it is a solid perfume, it really couldn’t be more perfect for travel. It can’t spill in your bag, and it doesn’t count against your TSA liquids allotment. Seriously, if you get this and a pair of noise-canceling headphones, you will be a much happier traveler.

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