3 Secrets of Perfect False Eyelashes

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Ever since Latisse became mainstream in 2009, it seems everyone is batting 1000 (and no, I’m not talking about Babe Ruth).  Unfortunately, whether due to fear of changing eye color, increased intraocular pressure, or expense, some women are averse to trying the prescription eyelash growth treatment.  Luckily, believable false eyelashes are available for as little as 55 cents per pair.   While no major risks are associated with false eyelashes of the drugstore variety, here are three tips that will keep you looking fab, not freaky:1.)  Use Duo eyelash adhesive if your eyelashes are brown or black.I’ve been wearing false eyelashes daily for about six months now.  In the beginning, my sweet-but-smart boyfriend would make remarks like, “Honey, is there something white on your eyelashes?”  And sure enough, the traditional adhesive would have dried white, drawing unwanted attention to the bases of my falsies.  Luckily, the geniuses at Duo created Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Black ($4.38, Amazon.com), which dries a blendable dark gray/soft black.  As with most adhesives, a little goes a long way, so be careful not to use too much, lest the bases of your eyelashes look a bit too thick.

2.  Apply them the right way.

Although I was initially applying them the wrong way, a kind salesperson at Sephora taught me the right method:

  • Start by laying a hand mirror on a flat surface directly under your chin.
  • Apply a very thin strip of Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Black to your thumbnail.
  • Using a fine-tip set of tweezers, gently dip the base of the false eyelashes into the adhesive.
  • Close your eyes as much as you can while gazing into the mirror.
  • Very carefully apply the lashes as close as you can to your natural lashline.
That’s it – voila!  Perfect eyelashes!
3.  Mix in singles for extra drama.
One surefire way to tell if someone is wearing false eyelashes is their perfect height and spacing.  Despite popular belief, no one’s eyelashes are ever naturally homogeneous all the way across – there’s almost always some variation in growth pattern.  With that said, adding in a few single eyelashes is a way to fool the critics.  Sassi False Eyelashes, for instance, are only $2.99 for 60 individual eyelashes, but look über-femme when 1-2 are cleverly interspersed just at the corners of the eyes for extra drama.
Bottom Line
False lashes are one of the most inexpensive, quick, easy, and dramatic ways to change your appearance.   They are addictive – I must say, I haven’t gone without wearing them for six months or so, and have no intention on ever stopping (see above).  That said, it takes a lot of practice in the beginning, so invest in quite a few pairs.  Additional tips include:
  • Never sleep in your false eyelashes.
  • Remove them nightly with a strong makeup remover, such as Lancôme BiFacil.
  • To keep your lashes in their best shape, lay them down flat in their original container after each use.
  • Never share your false eyelashes with anyone else.  The same risks are associated with sharing false eyelashes as with other forms of eye makeup, like mascara.
  • Do not expect your false eyelashes to last more than 2-3 uses per pair.  Even the most durable pairs (which I have found are the self-adhesive kind from Revlon) do not typically last more than 3-4 uses.
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Top photo source:  Eyelash Extensions, originally uploaded by shavasana eyelash extensions.

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  • Sarah

    Hi, I’m a new reader to your blog and I love it! Please post more in 2012!

    I am debating whether to switch to falsies for myself too. I am using Japanese fiber mascara now and while I love the results, it is also extremely difficult to remove. And I’m already using an oil based makeup remover. No matter how long I let the remover stay, I still find myself having to rub my eyes back and forth in order to remove all the fiber.

    However, is it any better with falsies? I mean, you would still need to get it very close to the lash line right? So the adhesive is potentially touching the lash line, and you still have to peel it away and there are going to be some tugging no matter how careful you do it.

    So what do you think, on a daily basis, which is worse for your lashes – stubborn mascara or falsies with strong adhesive?


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