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My friend has a friend (don’t you hate stories that start like that?). She’s pretty and in her mid-thirties. She had a few acne scars, but they were well-concealed with foundation — I wouldn’t have known except that she told me. We were all out at a bar one night recently, and she overheard that I started a skin care company during medical school.

“Get out,” she slurred, a little drunkenly. “I am always looking for the best skin care. I wear loads of foundation — can’t you tell?”

I shook my head, “No.”

“Tell you what, I’ll send you some samples,” I offered. “Give me your address.”

I didn’t see her for a while, but then, the other night, I did. And she looked amazing.

“Your skin care,” she said excitedly, her eyes gleaming, “is the best. My acne scars are actually gone. I’m using half the foundation I used to. Seriously. Tell me where to order.”

Sometimes I get to the point in this whole blogging and product development business thing that I forget what made me do this in the first place: I wanted to be a dermatologist because I wanted to make people well-informed, beautiful, and happy. That was it. When I invented my first skin care product during medical school, I realized that I could make people well-informed through the blog, beautiful with amazing state-of-the-art products, and happy through both. The same mission, but now, and then continue on the same path down the road — after selling the company or whatnot.

But sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the whole sales and product development cycle that I forget what made me so passionate about FutureDerm in the first place. And that was it: Connecting with people, making their lives better in some small way. And really innovating within this whole beauty industry, an industry with little innovation that is too often out-of-touch with the day-to-day lives and concerns of the consumer. I wanted to do it differently, but for the past year, it’s been so hard getting things started that I forgot about blogging and concentrated so much on the business and operations and product development that I kind of lost touch with you, the reader. And seeing my friend the other night made me realize: this really is all about the people.

So, with that said, I want to sit down with you right now and explain the real benefits of FutureDerm products, and why I think our retinol, vitamin C, and cleanser really are all different from anything else out there.

5.) FutureDerm Products Have a High Concentration of Active Ingredients, Coupled with Skin-Soothing Complexes.


FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 has a concentration of 0.5% retinol, which has been scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 30% within two weeks of use (Archives of Dermatology). Our retinol increases the efficiency of the process in skin that converts retinol to isotrentinoin with its optimized delivery system and conditions. Same goes for our FutureDerm CE Caffeic 16+2 Silk Serum, which has 16% vitamin C and 2% vitamin E, a combination that has been found in independent, peer-reviewed research to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness, reduce the appearance of sunspots, and even enhance sunscreen protection. Clearly a winning formula. (Or, rather, formulas!)

4.) FutureDerm Products Have Microencapsulation.


FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 and FutureDerm CE Caffeic 16+2 Silk Serum are both microencapsulated. This is because both retinol and vitamin C are extremely volatile in the presence of heat, light, and air. Actually, when working with retinol, it is so volatile that you have to get under a special hood to work with it. It’s pretty delicate stuff. That said, microencapsulation increases not only the life of the product in the bottle, but also keeps it active for longer within your skin. What’s more, the retinol and vitamin C are more efficacious and gentle, because they are working in your skin for a longer period of time, without the big “all at once” heavy dose up front.

3.) FutureDerm Products Each Have a Special Active Ingredient that is Different from the Rest of the Line. (Mix to Get Many of the Skin Care Ingredients Proven in Independent Research!)

In the skin care and beauty industry, there is a phrase: “Hero” product. Next time you’re at a Sephora, check it out: From tarte to Estee Lauder, Lancome to Josie Maran, nearly every line has one product that outsells the rest and becomes the basis for creating “add-on” products. For instance, if you look at Josie Maran Argan Oil (one of my favorites), you will see that the success of this product spurred a spin-off into Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum, Josei Maran Argan Oil Makeup, etc.

The issue here though is that you are only guaranteeing yourself the benefits of one ingredient. Meanwhile, dermatology and cosmetic science journals are absolutely packed with research demonstrating the efficacy of multiple ingredients for all types of skin, including (but not limited to) retinoids, vitamin C (in high concentration), vitamin E (in high concentration), glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, palmitoyl pentapeptide-7, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-4, green tea, white tea, red tea, oatmeal (Avena sativa) extract, zinc oxide, titanium oxide – and these are only the ingredients mentioned in multiple journals!

This is why when you read product recommendations from top dermatologists and aestheticians that they rarely (if ever) recommend products from all one line. They understand that you need to typically mix lines to get maximal efficacy.

Not with FutureDerm. Each of our products is designed to deliver optimal concentrations and skin-soothing ingredients – but different ingredients each time, all of which are designed to synergistically work well together. For instance, FutureDerm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser 8.31 contains SiQube®, an ingredient shown in independent studies to firm skin and improve skin’s barrier function, as well as a triple tea complex (green, red, and white teas), all designed to provide antioxidant protection and soothe the skin. (By the way, you want to use that for at least a minute – cleansers can be difficult to bind to skin cell receptors!). FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 contains retinol, which is shown in studies to do everything from improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to smooth skin to decrease acne. Lastly, FutureDerm CE Caffeic 16+2 Silk Serum features vitamin Cvitamin E, and caffeic acid, which are like vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid, except caffeic acid has been shown in independent studies to have more antioxidant activity than its hydroxycinnamic acid cousin, ferulic acid.

2.) Each and Every FutureDerm Product is Designed for All Skin Types. (Yes, you read that right).

People often ask me: Why does it take you so long to come out with a product? For instance, I’ve been selling products on FutureDerm.com since last August, and we still only have three total on the market, with eight more still in the laboratory.

The reason is simple: Good is never good enough. I read an interview with Sir James Dyson, the engineer behind the Dyson vacuum, once. He said, “A product is most likely to succeed if the original visionary sees it through. From research and development to testing to production to sales and marketing, I am constantly upgrading every aspect and function of my product. You only keep possession of your invention if you are the one who is strengthening it.”

Wow – those words touched me. (I actually carry them around with me and read them daily.) And I realized, if I wanted to keep creating the best products, then I needed to keep refining them, over and over, until they were the best on the market for every single consumer. That’s why our FutureDerm Skin Reborn Facial Cleanser 8.31 has oil- and water-based ingredients, to suit both oily and dry skin types while removing all types of debris. That’s why it is creamy and leaves your skin silky-smooth. That’s why our FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 is a gel formula – there’s no way to make a retinol that can be non-drying for those with dry skin and oil-controlling for those with oily skin, but by perfecting the formula as a gel, I could do it where the consumer with dry skin could use a moisturizer afterwards, while the consumer with oily skin wouldn’t need one. And that’s why our FutureDerm CE Caffeic 16+2 Silk Serum is going to come with two dispensers in the future – both a dropper and a pump – so it isn’t messy for those who prefer a controlled release, whereas it is still a pure dropper for those vitamin C “purists” who prefer that traditional experience (like me).

Bottom line: I invent them, and they’re never good enough. They keep improving.

1.) FutureDerm Products Have an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

My passions are three-fold: Family/friends/people and pets I love. That’s one. Skin care and business are the other two. I’m not a person who has hobbies; I have passions. Definitely more deep than broad.

That said, we had a 30-day money back guarantee here at FutureDerm, but through my reading of business books, I learned that much of the success of Zappos came from their CEO, Tony Hsieh, who refused not to have an unconditional money back guarantee for each and every customer. A few even abused the privilege, wearing the shoes for months at a time and then returning them, but Hsieh never flinched. He understood that when you give that level of trust back to the customer, you are subconsciously earning that respect with them in return.

And on another level, I love what I do. I love my readers, our FutureDerm customers, and our fans. And I think it’s just good policy to put trust on the table from day one. So, try FutureDerm products. And if, even a year from now, you have a problem, if I’m still in charge here or have a say in the way things are done, I promise you will get your money back. Seriously. It’s just that way.

So. With that said, if you want to try FutureDerm products, use coupon code GUARANTEE30 for 30% off your total purchase. The web page is simply: FutureDerm.com/Shop.  🙂 And please, let me know your questions, comments, and concerns – my email is nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com!

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