6 Essential Pink Lipsticks You Need

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6 Must Have Pink Lipsticks

When it comes to pink, there are 6 essential pink lipstick colors that you need in your makeup arsenal. With these shades, you’ll have your bases covered.

1. Silk Naturals Maiden
This is a medium pigmented, slightly shimmery almost neutral nude pink. It’s light, but doesn’t have a ton of coverage so it’s not going to wash you out.

This shade is essential if you’re creating a smoky eye look so that you have a neutral lip. It’s perfect if you want to have a polished, no makeup look, too.

2. Urban Decay Streak
This is a semi-sheer coral pink.

Coral Pink is great for when you want a carefree, light shade. It’s good to use to tone down brighter shades. This is an especially flattering shade for redheads.

3. Urban Decay Anarchy
This is a bright fuchsia pink.

Anarchy is great when you want to wear statement lips paired with a cat eye. It’s bright and demands attention.

4. Too Faced Melted Peony
This is a soft pink.

Melted Peony is the perfect work safe soft pink. It’s a my lips but better type of pink, so it will give you a bit of color without being overpowering.

5.. Urban Decay Shame
This is a deep berry pink.

When you want to get vampy, turn to Shame. It’s the perfect deep berry pink.

6. NARS New Lover
This is a gold-infused strawberry pink.

When you want a sophisticated glossy pink lip, this is the perfect shade to reach for.

These are my 6 Essential Pink Lipsticks. What are yours? Let me know below!

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  • Pink color is really very popular in lipstick. As under bright lipstick, there are many shades available, but it’s all depending upon the choice of the person which one they select. So select the best from your side.

  • Lovely shades Phyrra …give me ‘Shame’ any day…my latent Vamp is longing to break free!

    • It’s such a great color!

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