A Review of 525 PR Makeup City La Vie en Rose Blush in Antoinette

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The company 525 PR Makeup City is currently in the process of putting together their website but they have an online catalog. Unfortunately, I cannot find this specific blush in review in the catalog (525 PR) but they have many other colors of the same product.

Color/Pigmentation: 4/5

The pigmentation of the blush is pretty good, though I have seen more pigmented blushes. It is also hard to tell because the color is so neutral. I could see it blending in with other skin tones. The color is a nice neutral mauve once you swipe your brush into each of the rose petals. I could even see some people using only one at a time, giving you plenty of options.

Durability: 3.5/5

525 pr makeup city blush rose reviewThis blush has fair durability. One concern is that about an hour after applying it, it significantly diminished on my skin. I’m not sure this blush could stand up to hot weather or a night out dancing with my girlfriends. I’m more likely to wear it to class or places where durability is not a huge concern for me. The compact it is in seems very durable. I have actually dropped it without any damage to the blush or the compact.

Texture/Finish: 5/5

525 pr makeup city reviewI love the texture of this blush. It is so soft and buttery. Blending this blush is easy, even for the novice makeup enthusiast. It has just a hint of shimmer without being over the top. I usually don’t like shimmer in my blush, but this is so subtle and natural. The blush is so soft. I love the way it feels against my skin. The texture reminds me of the Lorac Pro eyeshadows.

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

This blush is beautiful and natural. I could see it being useful for people with many different skin tones. This is a good daytime blush, appropriate for the office and school, but definitely not the blush you’d grab when you’re getting ready for a night out. I could see myself repurchasing it.

Post by Dyanna Person

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  • Dyanna Person

    @ Rozy- I apologize for that. We will make sure to post more pictures of us wearing the products.
    @ Toni- I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately we review whatever the company decides to send us, sometimes they will sen things they have not released to the general public yet. It is possible that the blush is not in their online catalog, yet it is or will be available for purchase soon.

  • Toni

    Why review a shade of blush we can’t even get?

  • Rozy

    No swatches and pictures of you wearing it? 🙁

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