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Rimmel describes it’s Exaggerate Eyeliner ($8.99, amazon.com) as “soft,” “creamy,” and promises it to be “waterproof.” The plastic pencil liner in Emerald Sparkle is a vibrant green flecked with silver glitter. With my love of green, purple, and blue eyeliners, I knew I couldn’t keep away from this one. I just had to try it.

Color: 5/5, Pigmentation: 3/5

1The color is a beautiful, vibrant green when swatched. It will look especially amazing on brown eyes. Unfortunately, though it swatches as an amazing green, that isn’t what I got when I applied it to my eye.

Because this eyeliner claims to be waterproof for 10 hours, I applied it to my waterline to see how long it would last. To start, I could barely get it on my waterline; and I say this as someone who wears eyeliners on their waterline almost every time I wear eyeliner. When I finally got the eyeliner on it was two shades lighter than the swatch I applied to my hand.

While the color was gorgeous, I found the pigmentation didn’t live up to the color’s promise.

Durability: 5/5

While I wasn’t pleased with the way the eyeliner looked, the little bit I got on my eye was very durable. I wore the eyeliner for over five hours without any smudging or wearing off. When it was time to remove the eyeliner there were some spots at the corner of my eye where it smudged, but it lasted well over 10 hours for me.

Texture: 3/5, Finish: 4/5

Rimmel_tip_smudgeI did not like the texture of this eyeliner. It seemed very waxy, which I’m sure helps to keep it waterproof, but was difficult to use. It tugged on my eye when applying it. It was not smooth and creamy like I expected.  The application to my hand was smooth in comparison, which was a disappointment.

I also was not a fan of the finish. The sparkle is less of a shimmer and more of a glitter. While I personally don’t like glitter in my waterline or eye makeup because it can be sharp and irritating, the glitter stayed on pretty well. I also would have preferred a green shimmer instead of silver glitter pieces.

Bottom Line 7/10

I am not sure I would repurchase Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner. If you like glitter and are willing to sacrifice ease of application and pigmentation with long lasting staying power, it is a good match for you. I would consider trying this product in different shades that are not glittery to see how the formulas compare.

Post by Dyanna Person

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