Nicki Zevola Benvenuti founded FutureDerm in Pittsburgh in 2007 as a “Science of Beauty” blog, and in 2012 as a full-fledged beauty company. 

A note from Nicki:
At the time I started, I was in medical school, studying to be a dermatologist. I thought that there was so much science behind skin care that wasn’t being talked about. Literally, some of the same ingredients I was learning about in the lab and the classroom were on the shelves at Sephora!

And so, I started, a simple WordPress blog, to teach women the science behind skin care. 

The most empowering part of my job is elucidating the fact that women are smart consumers. We may not all be scientists, but there are so many smart, savvy beauty consumers who want high-quality ingredients, and who can sniff out snake oil from a mile away.

That’s the passion behind FutureDerm — empowering a new generation of women to learn the science behind skin care and discover what works best for them.