Advance Mineral Liquid Mineral Foundation+Pressed Powder vs. Loose Mineral Foundation

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For the most part my skin is fairly clear, albeit a bit uneven in coloring. I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, I want to know that it will make my skin look even and smooth. Advanced Mineral Makeup sent over a few samples and the brand promises to have its products cover skin completely while allowing the pores to breathe, and give an all-natural appearance to your face. I decided to compare the Advanced Mineral Liquid Foundation ($44, with Advanced Mineral Pressed Powder ($38.50, overtop and the Advanced Mineral Loose Powder ($35,


Mineral Powder:  3/5 

I didn’t like how the powder felt on my skin — it was a bit too dusty, and kind of reminded of having dried skin on face. That being said, do not be heavy-handed when applying the powder foundation, as it doesn’t have as much sticking powder as would be ideal. You may want to apply a lotion, moisturizer, or base foundation cream before applying this since it doesn’t stick/blend into the face easily when dry.


Liquid + Pressed Powder:  3/5

The liquid foundation, on the other, went on fairly easily. Make sure to shake it up before using, as it is very watery and takes a little extra time to evenly mix into the skin. Even shaken, it’s pretty liquidy. Over all, the foundation had a cooling effect and wasn’t too heavy on the skin. Along with the pressed powder, it gives skin a really smooth texture.


Winner: Liquid Foundation


Powder:  2/5

Since the powder wouldn’t stay on the skin completely, it left the skin looking a little blotchy and discolored in places. I felt like the Eva powder, the color I tried, seemed to have more of an orange hue than the Eva pressed powder. It wasn’t exactly my color, but regardless of that, I didn’t like that the two weren’t consistent. But even if I had a perfect match, the dryness of the powder keeps it from really coating skin well.

Liquid + Pressed Powder: 4/5

For the liquid foundation I used French Toast, which is a light rose color with just enough brown undertones to give the wearer some color. It went on smoothly and, along with the pressed powder, created a look that worked all over my face. I think this combination is definitely a winner.

Winner: Liquid Foundation



Powder:  3/5

Like I said before, the powder isn’t too long-lasting when used on its own — it tends to fall off, and landing on your shoulders and chest. Plus, if you even so much as gently graze your face, the powder is likely to come off on your fingers. For the best results you should apply a moisturizer and/or liquid foundation first and then the powder. I used a cleansing soap and water to wash it off, and even then there were some streaks of powder that refused to come off.

Liquid + Pressed Powder: 4/5

The only drawback is that after a few hours the liquid kind of seeps into the skin and loses its original pigmentation, so you may find yourself re-applying it every three hours or so.  Since it blends so deeply, it is a bit difficult to remove all of the foundation when you wash it, even with rough scrubbing and a cleansing soap. If you touch your face or rub up against something, this foundation won’t leave any residue behind — I propped my cheek up against my hand for a 50 minute course, and there still was no residue on my hand afterwards.


Winner: Liquid Foundation

Bottom Line

Even though the Advanced Minerals Makeup liquid and powder foundations go on pretty well, I wasn’t too impressed with their products. The Advanced Mineral Liquid Foundation and Pressed Powder lasts longer and appears more natural, while the Advanced Mineral Loose Powder doesn’t have much sticking power and makes your face feel dried out. The powder foundations tend to have an orange/brown tint to them, so be careful ordering. There are other foundations that I prefer over these.

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