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Oh, Happy Day! That’s what I said when the March 2008 issue of Allure arrived, complete with a feature on one of my all-time favorite dermatologists, Dr. David McDaniel. Dr. McDaniel is Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology and Plastic Surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School,. and Director of The Institute of Anti-Aging Research. He is a favorite dermatologist of mine due to the great amounts of research he conducts on cosmeceuticals and subsequently publishes in peer-reviewed scientific research journals. Here is an excerpt from the Allure article:

Dr. McDaniel’s To-Do-List for Great Skin

  • Don’t smoke, and wear sunscreen.
  • Watch out for fat. “There’s a growing understanding that both body fat and dietary fat are connected with inflammation…And there are some good studies suggesting a low-fat diet reduces the incidence of pre-cancerous skin lesions and also alters the skin’s response to UV damage.”
  • Avoid or neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are caused by UV rays (both from the sun and tanning beds), pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and other sources. McDaniel is a big believer in the power of berries, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables: “Each plant is a little chemical factory, and since we need to be defended against all the forms of free radicals, there is value in eating a variety.” Makes sense – eating and topically applying antioxidants has been found to be more effective than either method alone (full article here).
  • Use products for 4-6 weeks before judging a product. “People think they can get results in three or four days. Ideally, I’d like patients to try skin products for six to eight weeks before they judge, but I know that doesn’t fly…so I tell the four to six weeks and hope they do four.” Dr. Kenneth Beer, a dermatologist in Palm Beach, agrees: “The complete benefit of skin creams won’t be visible until after a full cycle of skin-cell turnover to take place, at least a month.”

Dr. McDaniel’s Current Assessment of Skin Care Products

“The potency, the delivery systems, and the science have improved. But there are still a lot of products that are more invested in marketing and packaging than science.” (I, for one, couldn’t agree more.)

What Dr. McDaniel Sees for the Future of Skin Care

“In the next couple of years, we’ll see things like sound and radio waves that work on tissues under the skin and selectively destroy cellulite or elevate the eyebrows without a brow lift.” Exciting stuff indeed…

Five Anti-Aging Products Recommended By Dr. McDaniel


You have to love interviews with research dermatologists! 🙂 I will try to recruit dermatologists for my own interviews in the future.

If you or someone you know is a research dermatologist who would like to be interviewed on the site (currently receiving over 1800 page views/day), please feel free to contact me at Nicki [at] FutureDerm [dot] com.

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  • Laila Kasseb

    I went to a Med-Spa and had BOTOX placed in my face. Now I have a bad lid drop (Quaz)of my left eye. The Med Spa said it would last two weeks. What should I do? Can this be fixed? Should I let the same nurse inject me or go some place else?

  • I honestly don’t know much about Thermage yet, but I will certainly keep it in mind for a future post! Thanks Karen! 🙂

  • Karen Holman

    I am interested in Thermage – do you do this procedure? And if so, are there long term benefits? Thank you

  • Uli

    Anyone trying to find out more information about Dr McDaniel’s recommendations, is welcome to call 757-437-8900. His staff is a wealth of knowledge.

  • Danielle

    Great post. Do you rec using the Coffee Berry cream w/ a Rx Vit A, such Differin?

  • Joyce

    Nice interview! I follow the to-do list but sometimes get frustrated with a product when it doesn’t work in four weeks. For retinoids, it can take three to four months to see results.

  • Dear Dr. McDaniel,

    I have been frantically searching for Essential Nourish Mist. After contacting the company of Oceana Inc. which markets the product, I found from their owners and the “money man” behind the Mist has withdrawn all his working capital and the product will no longer be available for sale. Do you know of SOMEWHERE I can buy Essential Nourishing? And do you know Ms. Barbara Bol. Apparantly she is the creator of the Mist. I hope to hear from you soon. My telephone number is 919-233-4646 if you wish to contact me. Thank you, Fran

  • Judith

    Some people need to be careful using idebenone. I used it for several months, seemingly without problem. Then, while on vacation, I experienced a terrible swelling, redness, and burning all over my face as if I had a contact dermatitis. Although I discontinued all products that could cause sensitivity, these symptoms continued to recur for 6 months. Several dermatologists were unable to pinpoint the problem. I only realized the idebenone caused it when I restarted using it a year later and began to experience the same symptoms as soon as I applied it. My esthetician at my doctor’s office confirmed that several people had displayed the same reaction. I have to skip the idebenone, and use Retin-A, CE Ferulic, coffeeberry, and CoQ10 for my antioxidant arsenal.

  • juhee

    i’ve been using the green cream level 6 for 2 weeks now. i’m getting patches of skin that turns red and looks almost like it’s burns. it then flakes and turns a bit brownish. will this eventually go away or leave permanent brown spots. i’m also breaking out. i’m following the directions. the unaffected skin looks amazing. pink, healthy, pores are getting smaller. i hope it gets better. but mostly concerned about permanent brown spots.

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