Autumn 2012: What are the Best MAC Lipstick Hues?


With Fall right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some fall lipsticks with you. I have quite a collection of lipsticks, as I used to be primarily a lipstick lady. For part one, I’ve got some reds and plums for you.

To swatch these on my hand, I did one swipe down, and then at the bottom of each swatch I did a few swipes to show how the color can be built up. The swatches above were taken under my daylight bulb with no flash.

You can really see the lovely gold in Fresh Moroccan in this one.

This image was taken with flash.

Of course, I also did lip swatches for you, too. For my lips I went for one swipe application, though I used a lip brush. I wanted to show what one layer looks like on my lips. Each color can be built up more.

MAC Rebel is a midtone creamy plum with a satin finish. I think it’s a cool shade. The formula is slightly dry. It’s got great pigmentation.

MAC Quite the Thing! is a pretty deep blue plum. It’s fairly moisturizing and has a lovely glossy finish. It’s sheer but it can be built up a bit.

MAC Hot Tahiti is a slightly warm red with coral tones. It’s a glaze finish, so I think it’s a bit sheer and a bit creamy. It’s slightly moisturizing. I’ve always been a fan of the glaze finishes. I think this is one of those great reds for people who don’t want a loud red.

MAC New York Apple is a muted red with pink shimmer. It’s on the sheer side and is slightly moisturizing. It’s not drying on my lips. I feel like it’s more of a neutral red and the finish has a hint of a pearly sheen.

MAC Fresh Moroccan is a brick red with gold pearl. More than any of these shades, I feel that this color screams fall. It makes me think of autumn leaves… reds and golds and burnt oranges. It’s very pigmented and slightly moisturizing. It’s definitely a warm shade to me but I think it’s very flattering.

You can see the pink shimmer in New York Apple in this photo, as well as the gold in Fresh Moroccan.

To me, Rebel is so eye catching!

You can always use a lip pencil underneath these lipsticks to either intensify the shade, or change the hue. Some suggestions would be a light pink, red, wine, violet, pale coral, or gold.

You can also use a gloss on top to amplify the color, cool it off, or make it warmer.

What do you think of these lip colors for Fall? Are you looking forward to Autumn?

Products purchased by me when MAC was still cruelty-free. All opinions are my own.

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  • Brooke

    These are some really great looking lipsticks. But Moxie is my fav; it looks lovely on you!

  • Those are fantastic shades! I think the Fresh Moroccan variant would be an instant tooth whitener. But I like the Rebel shade best!

  • I don’t own any MAC lipsticks, and unfortunately, since it’s not cruelty free anymore, I won’t purchase from them. However, I do love the swatches in your collection. I like the New York Apple (and not just because I live on the east coast)– it looks great on your lips.

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