Best for Eczema: Epiphany Therapeutics Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream Review

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Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream

Of all the skin ailments out there, the one that I get the most questions about is eczema.

Eczema is a very common medical condition, which may affect as many as 1 in 10 persons in the US ( Eczema typically exists of patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding. While sometimes eczema results from a reaction to irritation, it more typically has no obvious external cause.

I’m constantly looking for new solutions for readers with eczema, and Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream is amongst the best I’ve come across. Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream has been specifically formulated for even the most severe symptoms and conditions, including high concentrations of ingredients like safflower oil, shea butter, calendula, and 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid.

Safflower Oil

A major ingredient in Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream is safflower seed oil. Safflower is globally cultivated for its vegetable oil, but has been recently recognized for its naturally high concentration of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid, which is essential for your skin’s natural production of ceramides and anti-inflammatory GLA, is itself not produced by the body and must come from the diet or topical skin care (Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Ingredients). When topically applied, it may help reduce inflammation and aid in healing.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has been shown to have some healing properties. In two studies it was determined to help regenerate thinning skin, lessen wrinkles from sun damage, improve complexion, and promote healing (Pobeda and Sousselier). The potentially collagen-boosting effects were attributed to the presences of unsaponifiables, lipids found in fatty fruits like avocado. In a study with rats, these were shown to boost collagen production (British Journal of Dermatology). Unsaponifiables in avocado and soybeans have been shown, not simply to reduce wrinkles through hydrating effect, but to actually increase collagen production (Phytotherapy Research).

Several studies suggest that it has anti-inflammatory powers. It will reduce reactions to skin irritants (British Journal of Dermatology). It’s also been shown to aid in nasal congestion (Pobeda and Sousselier). But most studies should be done to determine exactly how effective it is for soothing inflammation.


Studies have shown Calendula extract to be a natural anti-inflammatory agent, excellent for taking down redness and irritation (Skin Therapy Letters, 2000). What makes the calendula extract so beneficial is the high level of flavonoids – a type of antioxidants that are found within the plant. These antioxidants work to increase oxygen and blood flow to damaged skin allowing new tissue to grow. All of the powerful properties in this flower help heal your skin!

2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid

Of the useful ingredients in Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream, 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid is amongst the most unique. It is a naturally-occurring amino acid found in nearly all of your body tissues naturally. As you age, your production (and the integrity of the 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid you produce) is reduced. And that’s a shame, because 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid contains sulfur and is known to play a key role in cell proliferation, inflammation and collagenogenesis (Amino Acids, 2002).

2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid has also been found to help aid in wound healing when topically applied to mice (Amino Acids, 2002).  For skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or severely inflamed/dry skin, regular use of 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid may take down inflammation and aid in healing.

Bottom Line

If you’re suffering from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or extremely dry skin, I highly recommend Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream. It contains proven ingredients for aiding inflammation, including shea butter, calendula, and safflower oil, plus it also includes what may be healing 2-aminoethyl sulfonic acid. I am definitely a huge fan of this product — and the testimonials on the Eksem Moisturizing Body Cream highly support this!

Add in the fact it does not contain potentially harmful steroids and irritating ingredients like fragrance, and this is a wonder product. Definitely in full support of it — including its use on the face as a moisturizer, if you are suffering from inflammation or redness there.

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