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new-year-new-youIf you want to get the best benefits from the ingredients in your skin care, one of the things you may be missing is consuming them. Not consuming the products, but getting the ingredients in supplement form so that your body is getting a double dose topically and from the inside.

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Research suggests that taking certain supplements can actually be more beneficial than using the ingredients topically. Thought the study proposed that topically and orally taking ingredients might actually be the most beneficial (Skin Pharmacology and Physiology).

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In fact, Mavi Cosmetics did a study where they tested whether ingredients used topically or orally were better. They put 40 women into four groups: One group was given a supplement called FloraGlo Lutein with antioxidants (10 mg lutein and 0.6 zeaxanthin), one group was used a topical cream with lutein and zeaxanthin, one used both the cream and the supplement, and one group got a placebo. After 12 weeks, the individual cream and supplement saw an increase in skin elasticity, hydration, and protection against sun damage. But the combination of the cream and the supplement boosted those numbers, skin hydration by 60 percent and sun protection by 20 percent (Mavi Cosmetics).

While the results are early in these tests, there’s data showing a lot of promising in taking supplements with beneficial ingredients.

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