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Cellulite treating blue jeans. Not exactly two words you expect to find together.

What would you say if I told you that you could look stylish, slim and sexy while fighting cellulite? Is that even impossible? According to Wrangler it is.  Schedule for today, Wrangler Clothing Company is supposed to release new jeans that promise to do all of the above (New Jeans). The thing that makes these jeans different from most of our dark blues is the inclusion of moisturizing an anti cellulite treatments. The jeans have been strategically named spa denim but do they have promise? With cellulite affecting over 90 percent of women there’s no wonder that companies are offering clothing to fight this elusive beauty woe (The Youth Equation). But do these blue jeans offer any real solutions?

They Won’t Work as Well as You’d Hope

You might have ever-so-slightly less cellulite than you would with other jeans. But it's probably not as much as you're hoping for.
You might have ever-so-slightly less cellulite than you would with other jeans. But it’s probably not as much as you’re hoping for.

To date there is no known cure for cellulite (The Youth Equation). Any treatment for cellulite has temporary effects and does not actually cure it (get rid of it forever). There are things we can do to make the appearance of it less noticeable but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. This is because of the way cellulite works and the many factors that determine whether or not you have it. Because there are so many factors involved, and because many are things you cannot change or control, there’s no real cure (Beautiful Skin).

Many people think cellulite is just caused by fat, but the issue is much deeper than that — literally. You can be skinny and still have cellulite. Cellulite is caused less by the amount of fat and more by how the fat arranges itself under the skin. This is due to genetics. There is no exercise you can do to change the way the fat under your skin organizes itself. You can change the amount of fat, but the actual structure is up to your genes (Simple Skin Beauty).

The best ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite is through measures such as VelaShape and subcision are far more likely to work for that.

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Under the Skin: A Deeper Look at Cellulite 

It doesn't necessarily matter how thin you are, because cellulite is genetic.
It doesn’t necessarily matter how thin you are, because cellulite is genetic.

It is easier to understand the cause if we know the structure of cellulite.

Bear with me for a moment with this metaphor. Think of the inner layers of your skin as a knit scarf and fat cells as overcooked rice grains. Because the rice grains are overcooked they are soft and sticky; they are attracted to each other and travel in groups. The knit scarf represents the layer above the fat cells.

The knit scarf is stretchy and once stretched out has holes in it. The bigger the holes, the more spaces for the sticky rice grains to get in, and this is how we get cellulite. See where the metaphor works? Because you can see how the imperfections of cellulite resemble this on your skin or the skin of other people.

Some knit scarves are not stretchy and have no holes; while others are so stretchy I can fit my thumb in them. This is how genetics work. Some of us have stretchy scarves while some of us have tight knit ones. Those of us with the stretchy scarves are more likely to develop cellulite; while us lucky enough to possess the tight knit scarves will most likely not get cellulite (Cosmetic Dermatology).

Why These Jeans Won’t Work

So you’re probably asking why aren’t the jeans effective. The problem is that the anti-cellulite treatment is encased in capsules and released when you put the jeans on. Essentially any treatment in the capsule will only be absorbed at the surface level and will not do much to reach the layer of fat and tissue that actually cause cellulite. The jeans contain retinol, caffeine and algae, which the company claims will reduce the appearance of orange peel skin (Wrangler Jeans).

A few studies have found that caffeine — a methylxanthine — has a slight effect on reducing cellulite when used over time (Dermatological Surgery). But it’s not been found widely effective, one study saw that only 3 out of 35 participants saw even a mild improvement (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). And in addition to that, you have to apply is constantly. 

Often cellulite treatments in the form of creams or lotions appear to reduce cellulite just because of the vigorous moving and massaging one does to use the product (something you probably won’t get from these jeans). Essentially a product with out these “anti-cellulite ingredients” could prove to give you legs with the same physical appearance. Effective topical treatment for this beauty woe would also need to stay stable under various conditions and remain that way while on the skin. It is unlikely that denim infused with these products will be able to do that. What happens if you spill something on your jeans, how have you changed the effectiveness of the product (Cosmetic Dermatology)?

Bottom Line

So is there any hope for those suffering from cellulite? The ingredients have been shown, at best, to be only mildly effective at helping with cellulite. If you think the jeans make your butt look good because of the cut, great. But if you’re hoping to take care of that cellulite, forget about it. Honestly ladies you are probably better off paying to get a massage than buying these jeans.

Post by Dyanna Person

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  • Dyanna Person

    @ Janessa- Yea I agree the idea is very bizarre. Like I said we are better off paying for a massage.

    @J- I also hope people don’t buy these.

  • J.

    What will they think of next? I mean, it would be awesome if they would work, but it’s a bit too far fetched to even try, IMO. So I hope people don’t buy these!

  • Janessa

    What a bizarre product. Even if the special treatment worked in the jeans, one can’t wash them. And if such a treatment were to exist, why not sell it as a cream product instead?
    Fun post though. :]

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